If you are the parent of a child with disabilities you know that it can be challenging to find services that meet your family’s needs. That’s why Bright IDEA Consulting offers specialized services for parents like you! We hope that this information will help you make the best decision for your child’s education! Learn more about the services Bright IDEA Consulting can provide for you and your family to have your child receive the care they deserve today!

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Educational Needs

Does your child have a disability that requires unique and specific help or support to be included in the general education program at their school? In that case, Bright IDEA Consulting is here to help. As a parent of a child in need of special assistance, finding the care needed for your child in a public school can be challenging. Bright IDEA Consulting is here to help you advocate for your child through our guidebook, “The Special Education Guidebook Series” explains Special Education and Section 504: Need-to-Know Laws, Policies and Procedures for Parents and Teachers of Children with Disabilities. Your child deserves to have the care required to be successful in school.

The Guidebooks (IDEA, Section 504, or Bundle & Save)

Bright IDEA is proud to provide parents with our advocating guidebook, “The Special Education Guidebook Series: IDEA Need-to-Know Laws, Policies and Procedures for Parents and Teachers of Children with Disabilities"; and "The Special Education Guidebook Series: Section 504 Need-to-Know Laws, Policies and Procedures for Parents and Teachers of Children with Disabilities." Bright IDEA Counseling is here to provide our clients with the tools and resources needed to advocate for their children's educational needs in all circumstances. We are here to make sure that you give your child the best chance with their education. In order to do that, you must become knowledgeable and an advocate for championing your child's social and academic well-being. Our guidebook allows parents to be the advocate they are looking for!

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Training Series

MVP (Most Valuable Parent) Program

While our guidebooks are a fantastic resource for parents looking to get educated on their child’s rights, there is more that can be done. Bright IDEA Consulting has also created a program for you to use to break down special education advocacy in terms that are simple to understand and use. We have condensed trainings that usually takes years to gather into easy-to-follow training courses. Our courses include self-paced modules and in-person live expert training to teach Collaborative Advocacy techniques and give strategies that get results fast! When you are scheduling meetings with teachers, speech therapists, physical therapists or other prospective classroom providers, we can teach you what to ask for to get the best outcomes for your child.

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The MVP Program Benefits

Eliminate Gain

Frustration & Stress

The Services & Supports You Need To Help Your Child  & Help Yourself



Time for Self-Care, Building Relationships, & Pursuing Your Goals


Anxiety, Fear, & Worry

A Systematic Plan To Help Protect & Prepare Your Family for Life At School & At Home for Today & Tomorrow


Confusion & Overwhelm

The Confidence That Comes With Understanding The Special Education Processes, Policies, & Procedures


Guilt, Shame, & Blame A Supportive Community That Understands The Unique Struggles of Being The Parent of A Child With Special Needs

Bright. Inclusive. Diverse. Equitable. Accessible.
(Bright I.D.E.A.)

About Our Featured MVP Program

MVP Program

Special Education Guidebook Series (8 Self-Paced Courses)

Access to the Bright IDEA Private Members Community

 Hot Topic Live Coaching Calls with Special Education Experts

Vault of Coaching & Strategy Session Recordings

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